Young musicians and old stories, folk music in musEUms and more
Agreement n.2013-1127/001-001 CU7 COOP7
Culture programme, cooperation projects - Strand 1.2.1
May 2013 - April 2015

Starting from the results of "FolkMus - Folk music in MusEUms,young musicians and old instruments" (2010-2012) the project will widen and enrich the aims and activities, increasing geographical richness and musical traditions with a larger partnership.
- To spread and enhance the FolkMus experience and folk traditions at European level, participating in festivals, fairs and live performances;
- To investigate the tradition of the Countries involved and find common features in terms of instruments, tunes, tales and stories. The drone instruments will be again the link among different countries’ traditions;
- To produce a joint concept multimedia product, involving young musicians and the partnership as large;
- To produce a joint concept show; [togliere il grassetto]
- To implement educational activities in schools and cultural centres with the aims to support the intercultural education by the music.

Activities: workshops, artist-in-residences, live performances, recording sessions, jam sessions based upon folk traditions of each participating country, the realisation of a concept album enriched by graphic-video booklet and a concept live show.
Those creative products will be generated by a group of young musicians and cultural operators coming from different EU countries. They will share music, instruments, tales, dances, rituals and ceremonies beyond their own traditions. An Artistic director will lead the group along the project. Musicians will have the opportunity to gather, play together, work in remote. This mutual understanding will lead to decompose each musical piece and reconstruct it in a new and original product representing contemporary Europe, multicultural rich and appealing. 
The project actions will reach various audiences in different countries and will be carried out in a context of mutual support and cooperation.
For musicians, professionals and audiences FolkMus will be an opportunity to promote European culture, widening of the horizons and play good folk music!

The Culture Department carries out tasks of programming, promotion and provision of services in the field of culture, entertainment and toponymy.
The aim of the Culture Department of Rome is to enhance the creative and organisational resources of this big city and to improve the quality of services dedicated to citizens, visitors and operators. The Department preserve and promote the cultural heritage and production.
Rome will guarantee the overall management and monitoring of the action from the operational and financial point of views, Rome will take care of the interaction among partners and of the general dissemination, beyond the specific activities listed in the work programme. Rome will foster the active participation of all partners.

Zètema Progetto Cultura s.r.l. is a company owned 100% by the Municipality of Rome and is dedicated to enhance and preserve the cultural and landscape heritage of Rome. Established in 1998, employs over 900 people in different areas of operation: Tourism, Cataloguing and Preservation, Exhibit and Events, Museums. The company has an office dedicated to EU projects with specific experience in projects financed by the EU. Among services offered by Zètema: management of Museums; organisation of events and exhibitions; educational activities in Rome’s civic museums network, Cultural and children recreational centres. Zètema does also supply promotion and communication, especially for exhibitions and events, along with a service devoted to carry out customer satisfaction surveys. Within FolkMus Zètema will support  the Municipality of Rome in the implementation of activities and will be in charge of specific actions as communication, organisation of artist-in-residence, live performances, audience involvement and dissemination activities.

The Aurunco Archive works on research, studying and promotion of Italian traditional music. It pays particular attention to study, preserve and enhance all aspects related to the pastoral and rural world of bagpipes including musical and socio-cultural aspects. The Aurunco Archive organises workshops, seminars about bagpipes and folk musical instruments in Italy. Within FolkMus Archivio Aurunco will supervise the musical production taking care of the Artistic Direction, will accomplish recording activities and will contribute to the implementation of local educational workshops with his experience on music traditions and old instruments and with his contacts with musicians and festivals all over the world.

Estonian Traditional Music Centre is a countrywide, independent, open, and innovative non-profit association which promotes and organises folk music education, live folk music, follows the folk music curriculum of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, and operates as a partner and an information centre for all the Estonian music schools. It also organises the Viljandi Folk Music Festival held every year, one of the largest of its kind in the Baltic and Northern countries.
ETMC will host the kick off meeting, along with the artist-in-residence. Will host the musicians during the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. ETMC will participate in the production of the concept album and show. It will contribute also in the communication and dissemination activities.

Department of Cyclades Island - Administration of Health & Social Provision, Department of Social Solidarity, deals with protection, rescue and nurture of the historical-cultural traditions of Cyclades including the musical heritage. Within this frame it organises two folk-music festivals. Through these traditional-music festival meetings, musicians and people living throughout the Cyclades have a chance to overcome the insular island life and are able to interfuse and connect through their different local-music styles. Department of Cyclades within the project will contribute with tunes, tales and musicians; it offers to young musicians of the islands the chance to meet and work together with other musicians from abroad; implement educational activities; host an artistic-in-residence and recording studio session for the concept album; share archival material of tales, legends etc. beyond Greek traditional songs.

d’Orfeu, based in Águeda (Portugal) is a cultural association founded in 1995 with official recognition of Cultural Institution of Public Utility and Status of Superior Cultural Interest type - no profit cultural association. It aim is to promote and foster the musical practices in a logical expression inter-disciplinary. d’Orfeu outlined his plans for promoting education, research, creation and dissemination of music, in an ongoing exchange with other disciplines. d’Orfeu organises festivals and educational programmes. d’Orfeu will contribute by bringing into the project his knowledge of Portuguese folk tradition and a sound experience in educational activities, along with previous experience in international contexts aimed to teach and transmit cultural and musical heritage to pupils and adults. Will host educational activities and live performance of the musicians taking part in the project.

Fira Mediterrània of Manresa (Spain) is a market for new artistic creations inspired by Catalan traditions or those common to the Mediterranean shores. Organised by the Fira Mediterrània Foundation, it has been held annually for fifteen years. There are usually around 100 different artistic shows on offer; music, theatre, circus and dance shows for adult and family audiences; stage show and street performances. The Fira began in 1998 as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government and the Town Hall of Manresa, with the support of various private local entities. Within the project Fira will give support in the design of the concept album and show; give the right visibility and dissemination to the project FolkMus with respect to live performances (show case and/or stage show) and also offering a proper space for a meeting reserved for experts during the Fira in 2014.