HOMEPAGE > ARTISTS Ioannis Pantazis [Greece]
INSTRUMENTS > Tsambouna, Bagpipe, Blues harp, Saxophone, Traditional flute

Was born in Grevena, Greece on August 7, 1978 and influenced at very young age by the music of his region in a musical environment by father percussionist. Instruments: Saxophone, Blues Harp, Flutes, Greek Bag Pipes 1997 Thessaloniki, Greece - Conservatoire Delidemos Lazaros 1998 Thessaloniki, Greece - First demo recording and tour with Rag Time Band "Capt. Sung and his Electric Tangerine", Minstrel Band 2000 Larissa, Greece -Conservatoire Christos Papoulakos, intensive saxophone and music theory lessons and seminars (Greg Baily). Played with the group "Mylos 1927" touring Greece and Poland. 2004 Thessaloniki, Greece - Exploring ethnic music and woodwind instruments with ethno-Greek band "Namaste" played throughout Greece and the Balkans. It was at tis time when he became inspired to pursue the folk sounds of Greece. Enlightened by a childhood memory of a particular sound, the sound was of a Greek bagpipe, Tsabouna. 2005 Naxos, Greece - learns to play and construct a Greek bagpipe -Tsabouna taught by local Sheppard's. 2006 Grevena, Greece - Plays in northern Greece and Istanbul with folk rock group Manitarock 2007 Santorini, Greece - plays the Greek bagpipe Tsabouna in local traditional festivals and awakens an interest in an instrument that was lost from the island for over 15 years. He blends the sounds from his funk and blues background with the traditional sounds of his country. Winter 2007 Grecia Salentina, Southern Italy - studied the music and language of the Griko (4). Participating in festivals with local musicians he found common roots between Greece and Grecia Salentina. 2008 - Santorini, Greece - In addition to playing music he presently donates his time to teaching to play the Tsabouna to keep the tradition of the instrument alive. 2009 - Santorini, Greece -Organizes the Goran Bregovic Concert, his group Efxinos Kosmos- the opening act. December 2009 - Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.: guest appearance at Buddy Guys "Legends". January 2010 - Charlottesville, VA: 2 day recording session with blues musician Corey Harris. Summer 2010- Santorini, Greece- Hosts folk Hungarian singer Marta Sebestyen for her interest in Greek bagpipes. 2010 - present Santorini, Greece - Establishes Greek bagpipe workshop. Constructs, plays and teaches the instrument.


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