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Musician is an instrument in progress, the ways are endless and so are musical possibilities that are waiting to be experienced and fixed on a staff or an hard  drive. This is the core idea from which comes to life the artistic work of Valerio Rodelli. Musician and composer, he began at early age studying classical piano to discover later, at age of 12, the accordion, diatonic instrument that comes from the popular culture of Italian music. Valerio artistic path goes through the discovery, both in the musical and theater field, of this “magical” instrument in all its potential; in fact he experiences the accordion as an instrument charmer and able to create a unique and mysterious atmosphere, whether with bands  or with theater companies. Past few years the match with electronic music let him to carry on an evolving labor: a path that led him increasingly to compose music completely disconnected from traditional repertoires. The study of electronic sounds through the use of samplers, synthesizers and computers have extended h is musical and creative horizons, allowing him also to experience a deep fusion of ancient and modern. The accordion's warm and intense sounds began to blend with the coldest and precise of electronics, giving rise to what is his current field of musical experimentation.


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